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In Faith by Numbers, award-winning and bestselling author, Eric T. Eichinger is at it again. At home in the Scriptures, he shares the hope of Christian faith through the vantage point of God’s recurring use of specific numbers throughout the Bible— the sum value of which is hard to quantify…

“These pages, brimming with creativity and fidelity, will enable teachers and students of the Bible truly to “count their blessings.” As number after number is mined for its biblical significance, we learn to count our blessings and enumerate the ways that God works in our lives. By the end, all those tens, threes, sevens, and other numbers scattered through the Scriptures, and expressed in the teachings of the Catechism, will shed light on all the gifts we have in Jesus Christ.”

—Chad Bird, Author, Scholar in Residence at

“Anyone who’s ever read Scripture has noticed that certain numbers repeat themselves. And any Pastor who has taught a Bible class has had someone ask about the significance of these numbers. Rev. Eichinger’s work brings faithful, grace-filled clarity to these numbers. Eichinger tackles the numbers in Scripture from the unique perspective of the Six Chief Parts of Luther’s Small Catechism and uses the repeating numbers of Scripture to teach God’s children His grace, mercy, and love. This book is a must have for every catechist’s shelf.”

– Rev. Ross Engel, host of the Ringside Preachers podcast, author at The Jagged Word, Navy Chaplain, and Senior Pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Middleburg, FL.

Author’s interview with the Christian Post

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