Faith in the Fashion District


Today, in her home office, Beverly Varnado wears athletic shoes as she creates novels, blogs,
and screenplays. But in her first act as a department store buyer, she strode New York’s Seventh
Avenue searching for the next fashion trend and wearing out an endless parade of high heels.

Having recently surrendered her life to God, Beverly found the fashion district an unusual proving ground for her faith, but then she discovered fashionistas in the Bible who provided role models.

In her garment industry adventures, Beverly dined at the city’s most iconic restaurants, became stuck in a maniacal elevator, and oh, my. . . who is that emerging from First Class?

Each of Beverly’s sometimes-humorous stories carries a message of encouragement. In what could seem a spiritually devoid and superficial world, God made his presence known to Beverly using her circumstances to launch what became a lifetime in ministry.

No matter where you find yourself vocationally, learn how God can use your situation to accomplish greater things than you can possibly imagine.

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