Freedom’s Call


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“Cornelius skillfully highlights the complexities of America’s stratified society during the slavery era… . An engrossing tale about the treacherous racial politics before the Civil War.” — Kirkus Reviews


“Freedom’s Call invites the reader into one of the most drastic times of change during American history. It follows the snapshots of a handful of characters whose stories intertwine over issues of race and the importance of good values, courage, and standing up for what is right, even in the midst of betrayal from friends and family. Relevant and weaved with rich historical facts, Cornelius’ story presents an excellent page turner from start to finish. I can’t wait to read more books by this author!”

— Hope Bolinger, author of the Blaze trilogy
Just moments earlier, the steamboat at Brady’s command had rounded the Mississippi river-bend effortlessly. But then a sudden explosion causes fourteen-year-old Brady to fail his cub-pilot test, shattering his dream. What’s more, the explosion takes the life of a family member, and now revenge grabs hold of Brady’s heart. He blames a black deck hand, William Wells Brown, who flees and becomes a fugitive slave.
Brady reluctantly takes an apprentice job for abolitionist newspaperman Elijah Lovejoy. Would Lovejoy’s Christian message soften Brady’s heart? Or would his fondness for mixed-race office mate Charlotte? Brady remains conflicted, and spirals to a new low.
But when an angry mob seizes Lovejoy’s printing press and dumps it in the river, Brady is called to escort a new press via steamboat along the river that Mark Twain would make famous. Danger lurks around every bend, whether from river pirates or pro-slavery thugs.
When Lovejoy’s fate is in the hands of an enraged mob, will Brady become more than a champion of freedom of the press? Will he ever meet up with Brown again? What role will Charlotte play?
Based on true stories featuring the lives of two noted figures of the pre-Civil War era: Elijah Lovejoy, Christian newspaper abolitionist, whom Lincoln knew, and William Wells Brown, a fugitive slave who became a famous author documenting the plight of the slaves.

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