It’s a Wonderful Life Advent Devotional


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If you had a chance to see what the world would be like had you never been born, would you conclude you had lived a wonderful life?

This advent devotional, based on the classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life, will help you discern the answer. Day by day, readers will discover, not only what a well-lived life looks like, but also how they can help their own communities become less like Pottersville and more like Bedford Falls.

For instance, are we willing to put our neighbors’ welfare ahead of piling up a fortune? Are we prepared to look after family members who cause difficulties, as Uncle Billy does? How do we respond when envy creeps into our hearts? And who do we turn to when seemingly unsurmountable problems threaten to overwhelm us?

It’s a Wonderful Life Advent Devotional explores the biblical teachings director Frank Capra smuggled into this, his greatest film, and challenges us to cultivate the virtues of courage, forgiveness, gratitude, and self-sacrifice. Above all, if we hope to create our own wonderful lives, we must learn how to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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