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Married three times to a volatile, emotionally abusive alcoholic who had multiple affairs, lied repeatedly, failed to come home hundreds of times and who used harsh anger and intimidation to manipulate their marriages, Jan suffered in silence while praying daily for a heaven-sent miracle that would change her husband’s heart.

Disillusioned and upset when she didn’t feel her prayers were answered, Jan turned to her own ‘Janplans,’ including non-stop shopping, frenetic busyness, kid’s school activities and expensive vacations, to compensate for the loss of her “Janville” dream where she had fantasized about living in a ‘white picket fence’ town with a perfect husband and family. Frustrated and trending toward bitterness, Jan eventually tried to run away from her family and God by moving to England to escape the dark, grinding treadmill that she felt had become her life.

However, when Jesus touched his prodigal daughter by cleansing her heart, Jan’s life moved from one of chaos, severe emotional abuse, and co-dependency to one of joy, faith, stability and contentment.

You will be inspired by her true story… perhaps the miracle that transformed Jan’s life can also be a blessing in your life.

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