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Kuwaiti Seeker


Yacoub, a young Kuwaiti, pursues truth in Islam. His search takes him to King’s College, London, where he abandons his sexual morals, and then to the University of Arizona for his PhD in the history of Islamic law. In his thesis, he confronts the Sunni hadiths, the words and deeds of the prophet Mohammed. Frustrated by his discoveries that many hadiths are not authentic, he continues as a Muslim, but one no longer grounded in his beliefs.

He engages in an affair with his PhD professor, who bares his child. He kills a child in an auto accident and avoids legal consequences.

As an experiment, he attends Christian worship. He’s intrigued, but he doesn’t get it.

Upon return to Kuwait to teach at Kuwait University, he marries Rabea, who becomes a Christian solely through Bible reading. She can’t convince Yacoub.

Yacoub proceeds with his shrewd lies as he cheats in currency trading and assists the Iraqis in obtaining nerve gas. He flees Kuwait and deserts his family during the Iraqi invasion.

But Rabea is still there waiting when he returns.

See how God saves the reluctant Yacoub. See how much God cares for you.

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Have you ever been asked to share a devotion for the Lord’s Supper and you’re not sure what to say? Or maybe you’re looking for a different way to prepare your congregation for communion. You might just be looking for some inspiring thoughts about Jesus’ sacrifice for your personal devotions. Then this book is for you!

It’s Suppertime presents 52 devotions that direct our thoughts to Calvary in a fresh and inspiring way. Each presents the truth of Christ’s sanctifying work in our lives but from a variety of perspectives. They are inspired from news stories, historical events, every day experiences or familiar hymns. Old and New Testament scriptures reinforce the themes and prepare your heart for the Lord’s Supper. They can be used as written or as a beginning for your own thoughts.

Each devotion will direct your attention, renew your appreciation and inspire your adoration for Jesus and his sacrifice that redeemed us.

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