Memories of the Great Depression


eBook — Paperback

The Story of an America that no longer exists

What was it like to live in America 90 years ago?

Have you ever needed to use an outhouse at two in the morning? Bathed in a corrugated metal tub with water heated on a wood-burning stove? Read at night by kerosine lamp? Got on your knees in early morning and prayed that your father might find job that day? Has your mother darned socks and made clothes for you from flour sacks? Have you ever subsisted for days on a diet of oatmeal?

The memoirs collected in this book tell of an America where families and neighbors came together to help each other survive America’s longest and deepest economic depression. These are memories of ordinary Americans of a time now nearly forgotten.

Today we have electricity, central heating, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, television and computers. As you read this book, you should find yourself asking, “are these the things that really matter?”

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