Prodigal Disciples


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Your personal tour guide to the adventure of a lifetime!

Ever been to a foreign city, looked around and could sense the history, the architecture, the majesty it has to offer. But being unfamiliar with the territory, you find yourself somewhat lost…aware of the grandeur all around you but unable to tap into it. What you need is a personal tour guide. With their insight, their knowledge and experience, suddenly the glory of that city comes to life.

Reading the Bible can be like that. You know it’s truth, it’s good for you…but somehow you have the sense that there is more to learn, more “ah-ha’s” and meaningful moments that you could be capturing. Prodigal Disciples is designed to be your personal tour guide through the Gospel of Luke. These pages are brimming with color, clarity, insight and understanding to help you embrace and enjoy more of God’s wisdom and blessing to your life.

Luke is the most detailed of the four Gospels and by understanding more fully the meaning and context of it’s passages, you will find yourself more confident in your relationship with God and the security of your standing as a favored son or daughter of the King.

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