Yes, Angels Are Real!


“Are Angels Real?”

Have you ever wondered how you got out of certain circumstances in your life where you knew it had to be God helping or aiding you? Could it be Angels? Angels are messengers from God, defenders for us, protectors of us; they are “ministering spirits” sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. “Yes, Angels Are Real!”, is an exciting, comprehensive, and thought provoking Bible based examination and contemplation of God’s amazing celestial beings. It offers deep spiritual Knowledge with an easy reading style. “Angels Are Real!”, also includes emotional prayers and devotionals. It is a very good book for single study or group study. This book is a must read because all the of information is gathered from the Bible so you don’t have to work hard to prove what it says is true. It is almost an encyclopedia on all Angels. God wouldn’t have put so many in His Bible if He didn’t want us to study about them.

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