Ministering To Your Minister


Many ministers have seen, felt, and tasted the warmth and love of churches who care for their ministers – bills secretly paid, bags of groceries left anonymously on the front porch, gift certificates arriving in the mailbox, and bags of homegrown tomatoes and green beans left on their desks. More significant are the prayers, support, and even the accountability given by the church community.

Many ministers have received such support. Sadly, though, many others haven’t.
Too many unsupported ministers leave the ministry well before God completes all He hopes to complete through them. Voices raise, fingers point, accusations fly, petitions circulate, meetings convene. Ministry becomes less a passion, more a prison. Hearts break, frustration seeps, and ministers quit.

What enables one minister to hang on when so many give up? What makes one preacher, one youth minister, one missionary stay put, when another moves every two years and finally leaves altogether?

Ministering to Your Minister describes eight affirmations churches should speak frequently and act on consistently to support their ministers. These chapters include numerous practical ideas and suggestions so that, by the time we reach the final page, we will find ourselves better equipped and more excited about ministering to our ministers.

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