Foundational Christianity


It is the end of the First Century. Or is it today? Christianity’s spread has slowed, dragged down by persecution and heresy. True believers are looking for guidance, for restoration, but to whom can they turn? Prayers and eyes turn toward the only surviving apostle, John. Knowing of the desperate need for the flocks, the aging disciple pens a series of letters to encourage faith and correct errors.
An exposition of the First Epistle of John, Foundational Christianity introduces the essentials of Christianity for new believers and refreshes the concepts for those who want to renew their faith. It is designed for use by adults interested in serious study either as an individual or as the core for a group Bible study. The material is meant to be a bridge between denominational curriculum and introductory seminary textbooks.

Each chapter concentrates on short portions of scripture to permit thorough study of the material accommodating the 21st Century’s demands on time and commitment. The purposely non-academic and non-intimidating style puts the average reader at ease and opens up the important message of First John.

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