Great Expectations: An Adoption Story and Devotional


Drenched in the sweltering Vietnamese August heat, we approached the Immigration Police. Day after day, my husband and I made the same trek hoping to acquire the necessary signature to bring our daughter home; yet again we were evasively sent away and told to return the next day. Should we return tomorrow with a bribe? And if so, how much money would result in a signature? Already we had endured two years of paperwork, stalling, impatience and exhaustion in an attempt to adopt Minh Tuyen. Now, the wait and frustration seemed part of a never-ending, cruel game. Parents begin the adoption journey with great expectations that their longing for a child will quickly result in a peacefully united family. Yet often, the eager expectations are replaced with doubts, fears and indescribable restlessness. The submittal of extensive paperwork and the hassles required to compile an adoption dossier can seem overwhelming, but the largest challenge to adoptive parents remains the wait for a child. Unlike biological parents who can feel or see the physical changes brought on by a growing pregnancy, adoptive parents have little tangible proof that their labors will bring them a child. How do parents relax, let go, acquire patience and lean on God? This book will embolden and hearten adoptive parents to rejoice always and pray continuously throughout the anxious wait of adoption. Read my blog

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