Still Counting – Meditations for Senior Adults


Birthdays come and go. It’s the weeks and months in-between that fill our lives and shape our destinies. How many years can you count? Half a century? More? If so, you are part of the growing crowd of senior adults who are, hopefully, learning to navigate the obstacle course called “life.” This is not a self-help book. However, you will find tips for connecting with grandchildren, doing spring housecleaning, making your home accident free, learning to laugh, volunteering at church, and doing many other things important to older adults. You will probably identify with articles like: SAVOR THE MOMENT; FORGETFULNESS IS CONTAGIOUS; NOSTALGIA; DOWNSIZING; and I DON’T UNDERSTAND LORD. You may ask some of the same questions posed by the author: DO YOU EVER FEEL LONELY? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? and HOW IS YOUR STRESS LEVEL? These meditations will help you see God in nature, the people you meet, the surprises, and the disappointments. As you lean in closely, you may hear Him say to you personally, “This is the way. Walk ye in it.”

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