Pulling Gs: Fighter Pilot Perspectives on Faith


Strap inside a forty million-dollar F-16 jet fighter and come with me on an exhilarating ride and insider’s look at the tactics, training, and technology behind twenty-first century aerial combat. Pulling Gs is a high octane, front-seat warrior’s perspective on faith that will inspire you in spiritual combat with the same tools that make for a leading edge fighter pilot. Each chapter moves you from real cockpit insights to everyday life-faith applications and concludes with thought-provoking “debrief” questions tailored for personal reflection or group study. You’ll debrief your life’s mission like a fighter pilot, strain against the G-forces of this world, and study the tactics of “the” adversary. You’ll learn to trust in your instruments of faith and know your “DASH-1” checklists for life. You’ll see through the black world outside your cockpit wearing your Creator’s night vision goggles. And you’ll explore larger-than-life fighter aviation traditions learning the “call signs” for God and “hangar flying” lessons from pioneers in faith. “FIGHT’S ON!”

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