Rural Church Turnaround


eBook — Paperback

Declining or plateauing rural churches do not have to die! They can live and become an influence for good in their communities.

Unfortunately, many rural churches will close after decades of faithful service. Fewer rural people are attending church. Young people are leaving their hometowns, searching for better educational and economic opportunities elsewhere. Rural church leaders find themselves working with aging congregations, dwindling budgets, and a sense of hopelessness that weaves itself into the fabric of church life.

Revitalizing a declining or plateauing rural church requires visionary pastoral leadership and the cooperative work of lay leaders. Together these leaders face their challenges head-on transforming their congregations into vibrant centers of impactful ministry.

In this book, Davis explores real-life experiences of rural pastors and lay-leaders who have led their congregations to a turnaround. He provides an honest and sometimes painful glimpse into the realities of leading a declining rural church, including his own, back to life. Through these experiences, you will learn to navigate a myriad of cultural and changes needed to revitalize your dying or plateauing rural congregation.

The journey to rural church turnaround is hard, but Davis lays out the leadership characteristics and actions essential to making it happen.

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