Scars of the Heart


Do you have 2 hours to invest in your current or future relationship?

Scars of the Heart was written to bring clarity to the confusing world of Christian dating for young women. This valuable handbook is perfect for the busy student or hard-working graduate who has never dated, is currently in a relationship with (or without) potential for marriage, or has just gone through a devastating break-up. This is the book every parent wants their daughter to read.

It addresses important issues that are rarely talked about while focusing on real-world circumstances that get couples in trouble over and over again. Learn how to uphold Biblical values while setting yourself up for a lasting marriage.

You will gain vital knowledge in the following areas:
-Dating as a Christian using guidelines from the Bible and personal experience
-Choosing a man worthy of your time and emotions
-Learning how to forgive and move on after a breakup
-Battling temptations while dating with passion
-Protecting your relationship from Satan’s schemes by applying basic steps right away
-Preparing for a worthwhile, Christ-centered relationship that will last a lifetime
-Includes a bonus chapter about life with Mother-in-laws!

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