Struggling Well


“Why Lord, have you allowed such sorrow and pain to flood into my world…?”

Struggling Well is a provocative clinical and biblical look at the kinds of questions that confront Christians trying to walk out their faith, at times through a veil of tears. It examines the “dark side” of legalistic evangelical dogma and the long lasting emotional and relational negative effects that it can have on a believer. The book reveals what happens to a person when a Pharisaic mentality dominates over the truth of God’s wondrous grace and unconditional love.

Struggling Well explores the beauty of God’s acceptance of us through our human condition…the scars of life that can end up being our friend…the emancipating power of forgiveness…the joy of being set free from the pious hand of legalism as well as the stigma of mental health issues. Struggling Well is a prescription for life success through hope and healing for a much brighter future.

Author Interview on RealLife, broadcast by the Cornerstone Network, 12/20/2017

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