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“Annie Farris’ story is one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve read in a long, long time. It’s a story of overcoming and victory in this sad and broken world.”  Pat Boone, Celebrity Entertainer.

Annie’s life was difficult from the beginning. Born in the ghetto of Memphis, her teenage abusive mother, told her it would have been better had Annie never been born and because she would not make it past third grade, she was hopeless.

The odds of Annie succeeding in life were slim. She didn’t know anything about faith or courage at the time—but God had a different plan. Using implausible circumstances, God sent a complete stranger into her life, who, with her love, transformed everything. Against all odds Annie graduated from college and became a successful teacher, news broadcaster, talk show host, parent and award-winning realtor.

Her story is extraordinary, but her message is simple: No matter what you’ve been through, or what you might be going through now, God is with you. This beautiful story will make you laugh, and cry as it also inspires you to become that one person who might change everything for those around you.

ANNIE FARRIS, is best known as Producer Ann from Rich Buhler’s Talk from the Heart program on KBRT radio.

Listen to Annie’s interview on Moody Radio.

Listen to Annie’s interview on KLFC (Bronson, MO).

Listen to Annie’s Interivew on WMUZ with Chris Ayotte.

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