The Adventures of June Bug Johnson


Take a laugh-filled, nostalgic trip to a place where we see the hopeful and dynamic power of common sense.

There has always been a struggle between wisdom and folly. The self destructive nature of foolishness of some folks comes out in every story and is set in striking relief to the humble wisdom practiced by a kindly old storekeeper, which he passes on to his grandson June Bug. In moments that range from heroic selflessness to insatiable stupidity, from the deepest darkness of loss to the sheer delight of skipping school with his granddad, June Bug learns that knowing how to live is even more important than making a living.

Set in a simpler, happy, time “The Adventures of June Bug Johnson” recalls the humor of Mayberry, the story telling of Lewis Grizzard and the values Billy Graham. In a world that seems to have lost its mind, a conviction confirmed with every news cast this is the light-hearted and hope filled message we long to hear today.

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