The Journey


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Christian Indie Award Finalist – Bible Study Category

The purpose of life is not to prosper; it is to develop the soul (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)
The Christian life is not so much walking the line as hitting the road. It is about journeying with God through the adventures of life, climbing the mountains of joy and descending into the valleys of suffering.
In this inspiring, accessible, and engaging book, Fiensy draws on his forty years as teacher and pastor to explore Paul’s spirituality. He focuses on Paul’s autobiographical references in his letters to the Galatians and Philippians. The Journey teaches us that the Christian’s life in the Spirit can benefit from suffering as well as joy, danger as well as peace, and rejection as well as love.
Each chapter consists of:
• A new translation of the verses being studied
• The explanation and application of the verses to everyday life
• Four discussion questions for group interaction
• A section of additional information to go deeper into the scripture text
This book will help you to:
• See yourself in terms of your lifelong spiritual journey
• Apply scripture’s truths to your everyday life
• Deepen your appreciation of what it means to be a Jesus follower
• Understand Paul as a source of not just theological truth but of spirituality a well

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