The Pretend Christian


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Is your faith on life support, or do you ever wonder if you even deserve to call yourself a Christian? Guess what? You don’t have to be a perfect, “churchy” person to experience God’s love!

In “The Pretend Christian,” author Deirdre Reilly takes the reader on her personal journey to find authentic Christian faith, winding through common questions, doubts, and both negative and positive experiences that all lead to the stunning, life-changing reality of Christ’s presence. Filled with raw honesty, sincere doubts, genuine searching, and moving, often-humorous insights, “The Pretend Christian” is a candid and bracing modern-day search for the one true God.

“‘The Pretend Christian’ introduces the reader to the reality of relationship over religion. A ‘now generation’ message of great value; a pearl of great price.” —Alveda King, evangelist

In her easy-to-read, relatable narrative, Reilly explores:

How judgmental Christians hurt the case for Christ
How a focus on being a “cookie-cutter” Christian or belonging to the “correct” denomination can interrupt a personal relationship with God
How God powerfully handles our doubts and fears
The evidence of God available to every searcher
Can it really all be true — did Christ come to save us? What does that mean for each one of us?

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