The Rise of the Prophet


The land of Habareet faces so much trouble, only a miracle could save them. And the country’s leaders and many of its people no longer tolerate miracles—or the One who sends them. But Adonai has not forgotten His ancient promises for revival and restoration. In a few corners of the land, the impossible begins to happen—through the most unlikely people.

A young soldier displays the strength of Samson, and a tanker full of diesel refuses to run dry. Rain begins to fall, crops start to grow, and people of opposing races move toward reconciliation. But not without arousing fierce opposition. AWOL soldier Joel, his sister Naomi, and a handful of believers of the racially torn city of Samarium face stiff opposition—from the top forces of the military elite and a self-proclaimed “prophet” who plans to blow the city wide open. For them to survive, and the ancient prophecies to come true, will take a miracle.

You’ll be glad you joined this faith-stretching adventure.

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