There’s a Fly In My Tea!


Your life can be refreshing – to you and to others! 

It’s true! Despite your flaws and imperfections, your life can bring sweet comfort, joy and blessing to those around you. Each of us have some “flies”—those unhealthy, unproductive, even gross things—that creep into our lives and cause us to lose some of our flavor. But be encouraged. This study will help you discover Biblical Truths which will allow you to live a more flavorful and more satisfying life, like a cold glass of tea on a hot summer day. Ahhhh!

In There’s a Fly in My Tea! we’ll take a fresh, vulnerable look at the ways we let those pesky flies of doubt, frustration, fear, and bitterness creep into our lives and spoil our testimony. We’ll look at the life of Peter, a man who definitely allowed some flies into his life, and learn how our own lives can be used as a sweet savor to the Lord and those around us.

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