They All Said Amen


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The bible stories in They All Said Amen are told from a bystander’s point of view—our point of view. They invite everyone not only to witness miracles, but to become part of them!

In “Showing the Way,” the first section, we meet many bystanders who have witnessed miracles–for example, a childless believer gifted with a son, a nameless mother pleading for her daughter’s healing, and an awe-struck servant watching water turned to wine. In “Walking the Path,” the second section, we experience events in Book of Acts from many perspectives, among them a child who repents of his thievery, a washerwoman baptized by Paul, and a young widow witnessing Tabitha’s healing.

The stories offer us the grace of a new life as the characters experience the heart-warming assurance of a strong presence that upholds and inspires not only them, but us too. We are there in every story, finding our lives changed, changed utterly as we witness the miracle of a life of faith.

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