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Let Scripture, Mindfulness and Meditation Be Your Guide

Life is crazy. It comes at you fast. Relentless deadlines, commitments, pressures. We find ourselves running, racing and in the process emotionally wearing down. But living with peace is possible! You can experience a calmness even in the midst of the stress and strife that life throws at you.

Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety – You don’t have to be part of that statistic!

Imagine how good it would feel to wake up in the morning not feeling anxious about what lies ahead but excited. Imagine being emotionally relaxed and at peace even when your to-do list is spilling on to multiple pages.

Author Tim Atkinson will guide you through the process of mindfulness and meditation not based on Buddhist eastern philosophy but on the Word of God.

This book can be healing exercise for your brain!

If you’re ready to defeat anxiety, worry and stress, your journey starts here.

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