Where Hope Blooms


How do you perceive widowhood?

Many women see their widowhood through a lens of despair, as a journey where challenges daunt the soul and loneliness haunts the heart.
Virginia Jelinek presents another lens, encouraging women to see widowhood as a hope-filled journey full of God-invitations. Embracing the invitations will illuminate the widow’s spirit and gently transform her heart, leading her to live whole—to feel joy flowing through her spouse-less life.

Widows will relate to the stories the author tells, narratives based on her twice-widowed life. Along with each chapter’s narrative, explorative opportunities are presented, inviting the reader to consider select Scriptures and respond to questions designed to apply the truths gleaned. The book’s exploration feature makes it an excellent book to study in community with other widows, offering them a safe place to share their own stories and to grow together.

The blessing of Virginia’s book is that it will stir hope in a widow’s heart. Hope that assures that grief is not a mourner’s permanent home. Hope that refutes loss as a life sentence of despair and loneliness. Hope that promises widowhood is not all about loss—rather, it’s about what a widow has to gain.

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